Bhavan's Reach

Bhavan upholds our ancient concepts:

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - " The World is one family ".


Aa no Bhadraah kratavoyantu vishwatah -" Let Noble thoughts come to us from every side". 

The above connotations vindicate unequivocally the catholicity of mind, the democratic fibre and the secularistic character enshrined in our culture from time immemorial.

S M DasturThe Bhavan seeks the active participation and support of all in the movement of carrying the universal message of the great Indian Culture to the four corners of the world and of building up a Commonwealth of Faith, Hope and Basic Human Values, bringing nations and people together to strive for a world free from hatred and strife and full of love, peace and happiness.

We therefore invite you to join us in continuing this pious and holy campaign and thus strengthen Bhavan's hands in its relentless efforts.